Movie Review: Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham| Naga Chaitanya, Rakul Preet.

Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham – A routine love saga.

Release Date: 26th May 2017
Kalyan Krishna
Music Director: 
Devi Sri Prasad
Naga Chaitanya, Rakul Preet, Jagapathi Babu.
Nagarjuna Akkineni

Rating – 2.75/5.0

Soggade Chinni Nayana fame Kalyan Krishna is back with another family entertainer. Let’s see how it is.


  • Naga Chaitanya, he delivered a decent performance as the lover boy. Emotions have been carried out pretty well.
  • Rakul Preet, she did a splendid job as an innocent girl. The chemistry between Chay and her also worked out quite well. Her acting skills were utilized to the extreme as she gets an equal amount of screen time as that of Chaitu.
  • Second Half, this is the part where the actual content lies. Proceedings get interesting and even the family emotions take center stage. The screenplay is good and also quite racier.
  • Cinematography, it is top notch. Scenic locales of Vizag were captured stunningly.
  • Dialogues, they are penned decently with enough wit and intensity.
  • BGM, DSP excels once again with his thumping background score and elevates the sequences.
Raa Randoi Veduka Chudham movie review
A still from the movie featuring Naga Chaitanya and Rakul Preet.


  • The storyline, which is quite conventional and outdated. One should be careful while selecting such ages old love tale coz it has nothing new to offer.
  • The first half, which runs with a snail pace and is tedious to watch. As the actual content lies in the second half, the director has forcibly introduced plenty of supporting characters who were completely wasted in their roles and failed to generate fun.
  • Direction, Kalyan Krishna did an Ok job. He failed to entertain the audience during the first half. Selecting such a routine plot is his biggest mistake.
  • Songs, though the tunes are quite soothing and pleasing, the placement of them into the plot was miserable. Songs were introduced coercively and ruin the flow of the flick.


On the whole, Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham is an another routine tale of love with a predictable plot and the tedious first half. If you can digest the regular family emotions and conventional love saga then, give it a shot this weekend.



Movie Review: Keshava | Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar.

Keshava – Decent Suspense Thriller

Release Date: 19th May 2017
Sudheer Varma
Music Director: 
Sunny MR
Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar
Abhishek Nama

Rating – 3.0/5.0

Actor Nikhil Siddhartha’s highly-anticipated film Keshava is now released and already gaining positive buzz across various social media platforms. Let’s see how it is.


  • Nikhil, he did a splendid job as a serial killer. The way he does the murders with intense looks is just amazing. He carries the subtle yet intense emotions right from the first frame and maintains them till the last.
  • Ritu Varma, though she was given a short role she delivered a convincing performance and adds the glamor quotient to the flick.
  • Screenplay, it is taut and well narrated. Briefing up the film in the form of chapters is quite impressive.
  • Isha Koppikar, she did a convincing act as an investigating officer and impresses us big time with her aggressive emotions.
  • First Half, this is the most intriguing part of the flick and also holds a decent amount of humor. Even the interval bang makes you more curious to know what’s going to happen next.
  • Music & BGM, which is pretty clean & decent and elevates the scenes right at the spot.
  • Cinematography, it is top notch. Visuals are extremely intensifying.
Keshava Movie still
A still from Keshava


  • The storyline, which is quite conventional and simple. One can easily explain the story of this film within few seconds.
  • Direction, since this flick has a tiny storyline, the entire flick depends on its screenplay. Sudheer Varma did an excellent job by handling the first half with a racier screenplay. The pace drops down while coming to the second half. The vengeance gets cliched and the climax gets hurried up. Logic takes back seat at few instances and protagonist having the heart at the right side in the chest adds no value to the plot considering his acts.


On the whole, Keshava is another experimental subject from Nikhil which is good at bits and pieces. Innovative and taut screenplay with intensifying performances from the lead cast makes this film an ONE TIME WATCH.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Our take on Prithviraj’s Ezra.

Ezra – The latest sensation of Malayalam Industry.

Ezra is the latest Malayalam thriller-horror flick which is directed by debutant Jay K. Prithviraj and Priya Anand plays the lead roles. The movie has released on 10th February and took a flying start at the Box-office.

Box-Office Report.

India Wide gross (First Week) = 15.02 Cr INR

This is the second biggest grosser after the Mohan Lal’s blockbuster Puli Murugan which has grossed 25.5 Cr INR in the first week.

Average Critic’s Rating: – 3.0/5.0

Ezra Movie review

Consensus: – A Decent thriller in recent times.

  • Prithviraj stands out for his conviction and manages to pull off an exorcism without going too over the top or being too cliched.
  • The film is technically sound. Detailing in the film’s sound design is impressive since it is powered by Dolby Atmos.
  • The other leading light of Ezra is its production design which is top notch with the intimidatingly grand interiors. A sizeable part of the tale in the second half is set in the 1940s and it’s impressive to see that the period appears quite authentic, kudos to the production design as well as the VFX work.
  • Editor Vivek Harshan and cinematographer Sujith Vaassudev are able partners in this mission.
  • The pace of the film does dip a bit in between and it does not have any jump scary moments as such. And the culmination to the tale is a bit of let-down.

On the whole, Ezra is certainly a refreshing horror film and one that should ideally encourage more such efforts. It doesn’t give you any superficial experience and it conjures up enough novelty value to remain interesting throughout. So, give it a shot this weekend.





Movie Review : Dhruva | Ram Charan, Arvind Swamy, Rakul.

Dhruva – Riveting Action Drama

Release Date : 09th December 2016
Director : 
Surender Reddy
Music Director :
Hip Hop Tamizha
Starring :
Ram Charan, Rakul Preet, Arvind Swamy
Producer :
Allu Aravind

Rating :- 3.5/5.0


  • Ram Charan, he delivers a solid knock-out performance and astonishes us with his chiseled body. His confrontational scenes with Arvind Swamy are exceptional. Cherry greatly depicts the role of an obsessed cop and shown lot of improvement in terms of acting.
Dhruva HD Latest Still
Ram Charan’s terrific still from the movie.
  • Arvind Swamy, he did a fabulous job as Siddharth Abhimanyu. He is the perfect antagonist for this plot and equally confronted protagonist with his mind-blowing strategies. He aces in his role and stood as a most impactful character in the flick.
  • Direction, Surrender Reddy mark can be easily seen in this flick though it is a Tamil remake. He is known for his taking and did it supremely well. Being faithful to the original one, he greatly embedded his own elements into the plot. The concept of “Ashta Digbandhanam” (8 Ways of Dead Lock) is fantastic and becomes the main theme of the content.
Ram Charan Dhruva Latest Stills
Poster featuring Ram Charan and Arvind Swamy
  • Music, Hip Hop Tamizha is the future star of T’wood.His background score greatly compliments the film’s tempo. Every scene in this flick gets elevated with his thumping sound track, even the songs are exceptionally good.
  • The Script, which is quite racy with its arresting and gripping episodes. Right from the word go, it feels like you are on a roller coaster and makes you hooked up to the seats. All credit goes to the original writer Mohan Raja who directed the Tamil version of this.
  • Cinematography, which is top notch. All thanks to P.S.Vinod. He did a stunning job and picturized the locales beautifully.
  • Rakul, she elevates the glamor quotient especially during the songs and played the role of a girl who is obsessed with Dhruva.
Dhruva movie Ram Charan Rakul 2016
A Still from Pareshanura Song in Dhruva.


  • Screenplay, it is taut enough to make you glued to the seats, but this pace stays only for the first half. Once it reaches second half it gets pauses in the form of songs which disturbs the flow. Though songs are good to listen, they are not needed for such a script-centric film.
  • No Fun, this film is not for those buffs who expect good dosage of entertainment. The entire film runs on a serious note.


Finally, Dhruva is a script-driven film which has all the needed commercial elements to fulfill the audience needs. Ram Charan is back with a bangg and delivers a riveting performance. Surender Reddy did a good job with his adaptation and an engaging screenplay. Go, watch it this Weekend. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Movie Review : Rustom | Akshay Kumar,Ileana D Cruz

Rustom – Decent crime drama

Release Date : 12th August 2016
Director :
Tinu Suresh Desai
Music Director :
Ankit Tiwari
Starring :
Akshay Kumar, Ileana D Cruz, Esha Gupta, Arjan Bajwa
Producer :
Neeraj Pandey

Rating :- 3.5/5.0


  • Akshay Kumar, who is the heart and soul for the film. He perfectly depicts the role of Naval Commander Rustom Pavri and stands out as the biggest asset for the flick. He maintains dignified postures and delivers short speeches which makes him pretty apt to this role.
  • Second half, which is racier when compared to first half with ample twists and has got good dosage of humor.
  • Music, neatly blends with the narration and elevates the scenes especially during pre-climax and climax blocks.
  • Supporting Characters, all the supporting characters has given their best and strongly supports the content of the film.
Akshay kumar's Rustom movie review
A Still from the movie.


  • First Half, which is quite tedious and runs in a slow pace with repetitive flash backs.
  • Director Tinu ,manages to transport his audience to 50’s period in Bombay, by recreating the era with the right hint of sepia tones, high waist pants but the opportunity of making the film more racier is sadly left unexploited.
  • Climax, is bit unconvincing which deals with the outcome of murder case and handled amateurishly.


On the whole, Rustom is a decent crime drama with top notch performances from lead cast and interesting second half. If you can simply manage the tedious first half and want to enjoy the performances especially Akshay’s then give it a shot.

Kabali Movie Review | Rajnikanth, Radhika Apte

Kabali – Old wine in a Brand New Bottle

Release Date : 22nd JULY 2016
Director : P.A.Ranjith
Music Director :
Santhosh Narayanan
Starring : Rajnikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhansika
Producer : 
Kalaipuli S. Thanu 

Rating :- 2.75/5.0 


  • One and Only Super Star of India, Sri Rajnikanth Sir is the biggest asset to the flick, his charisma is simply amazing and adds incredible style to each and every frame. Age doesn’t matter him  and he still carries that S.W.A.G with ease .He is magnificent in the role of Gangster and carries the whole film on his shoulders. He is the real Savior. He excelled in both the roles as a Vintage and Modern gangster.
  • Background Score, absolutely brilliant. Kudos ! to the music director Santhosh Narayanan for his amazing work. BGM adds the richness to all the frames.
  • Intro Scene, GOOSEBUMPS !! That BGM when Rajni arrives from the Entrance gate is incredible and a treat for Thalaivar fans.
  • Production Values, they are top notch and elevates the richness of the flick. The movie looks grandeur.
  • Sai Dhansika, she scores big time in the movie and her attitude and stylish acting deserve lot of applause.

Featured Poster of KABALI >>

Kabali movie REVIEW Rajinijanth
Kabali Edited Poster


  • Story, nothing new to offer and a common plot seen in almost all the gangster movies. No enthralling moments which leaves in disappointment.
  • Direction & Screen play, Not at all engaging. Gets lost somewhere trying to find common ground. Few scenes are cliched and doesn’t follow the flow .
  • Climax, dragged out hugely and not at all convincing due to the presence of mistakes at the time of making which can be clearly spotted out by a regular audience.


On the whole, Kabali is neither a Thalaiva film mor a Ranjith film. A fairish gangster movie with top notch performances  from lead cast and a poor narration with anemic storyline makes the movie an Average affair. If u don’t mind all those cons and want to enjoy Rajni’s Swag then DON’T MISS IT, give it a shot this weekend.


Movie Review : Sarrainodu | Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet, Catherine

Sarrainodu – Oora mass Entertainer

Release Date : 22nd April 2016
Director : Boyapati Srinu
Music Director :
S S Thaman
Starring : Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet, Catherine Tresa, Aadi Pinisetty
Producer : 
Allu Aravind

Rating :- 3.25/5.0

Story line :

Story revolves around Ghana (Allu Arjun) who is an ex-military officer comes back to his home to do something good for the society as he feels that system in the society is not so good when compared to the system at Military. One fine day, he helps the whole village and Mahalakshmi (Rakul) without knowing that village is under the biggest threat from the super powerful baddie Vairam Dhanush (Aadi Pinisetty).

Being upset with this , Dhanush makes a sketch to thrash down Ghana. Meanwhile Ghana becomes busy with his life , flirts Hansita Reddy (Catherine) and gets ready to marry her. Twist in the plot arises when Ghana gets to know that he has actually created a problem instead of solving it. So, how Ghana faces Dhanush and saves his entire family from him forms the rest of the plot.

Sarrainodu Movie Review by
A Still of Allu Arjun & Rakul Preet from the movie


  • Bunny, he is mind blowing and a show stealer. Right from his intro scene he shows his redefined screen presence by shedding down the lover boy image into an gritting angry man with his thumping punches. His comic timing, dialogue delivery , extra ordinary fights , dance moves, what not..  all are supremely fantastic. We can easily find his hardwork and dedication that he has put into the making of this movie. He’s an ALL ROUNDER !!
  • Director, Boyapati has to be appreciated for his fantastic execution. Though he has chosen a routine plot , the way he has handled the movie and maintained the HIGH dosage of mass elements is SPLENDID !! He has greatly moulded and sculpted Bunny as he liked and finally showcased him quite well.
  • Aadi, this guy is simply amazing. Man ! I like his attitude which he maintains in the entire film . The movie wouldn’t have had the required punch if it was not for Aadi. He is the Sarrainodu for Bunny. The way he confronts bunny is superb.
  • First half, it is quite entertaining with good dosage of Mass-Masala & Comedy. Brahmi’s comedy timing evokes laughs in the first half. Srikanth has strongly supported Bunny in this film and played a decent role.
  • BGM, Thaman.. U Beauty !! He did an amazing job. That’s a thumping sound which comes out of the speakers which greatly elevates the plot and especially during fight scenes.
  • Production Values are awesome which makes the film look quite grandeur.
  • Dialogues are beautifully penned . (Erra tholu kadha ani class anukuntunnavemo.. Mass.. Oora Masss..)


  • Story line, it has got nothing new to offer.
  • Second Half, after a decent first half the pace of the film comes down in second half as the emotions takes center stage which becomes quite boring and predictable. Since Aadi has done a decent job i thought they would show more confrontational scenes with Bunny , Sadly there is only one single fight in the movie with Aadi which is in the climax.
  • Violence, most of the family audience will not be able to digest such HUGE amount of action sequences and Violence content. So, it is NOT RECOMMENDABLE for family audience.


On the whole, Sarrainodu is an Pakka Typical Oora Mass entertainer with powerpacked punches of Bunny , menancing Aadi and superb execution from Boyapati will enthrall the audience a big time. If you can manage the violence and bogged down second half then, give it a shot this weekend.

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Movie Review : FAN | Shah Rukh Khan

FAN – It is not ‘FAN’tastic !!

Release Date : 15th April 2016
Director :
Maneesh Sharma
Music Director :
Andrea Guerra, Vishal-Shekhar
Starring : Shah Rukh Khan
Producer : Aditya Chopra

Rating : 2.5/5.0

Story line :

Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan) is a die-hard fan of Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan), whom he considers a God. Gaurav has a striking resemblance in terms of looks with his idol as well.

After winning a local contest, Gaurav embarks on a journey from Delhi to Mumbai to wish Aryan on his birthday and for a chance to personally meet him. When his plans go haywire after a rift with Aryan, Gaurav’s love towards him turns into a dangerous obsession that crosses the fine line between a fan and a stalker. What happens next? How Gaurav threatens Aryan ? forms the rest of the plot.


  • Shah rukh khan, he is the major asset for the flick and takes acting to a whole new level with his performance as Gaurav. He is truly the Baadshah in terms of acting.
  • Special Effects, they are great which made Shah Rukh look quite realistic as a hardcore fan.
  • Story, it is quite unique which narrates the story of a fan turning an enemy and makers must be appreciated for leaving behind all commercial aspects such as songs and a love story by purely focusing on the star and the story.


  • One of the negative points of Fan is that even though the story is interesting, the screenplay falters completely. The first half slugs in places.


  • The second half, many cinematic liberties were taken and logic goes missing in few places. The obsession shown is a little extreme and the idea of a normal, common man chasing a superstar around the world and sabotaging his career has not been shown convincingly.
  • The chase scenes, although choreographed well, are too long and a little over-the-top as well. The climax is exhausting and the film ends on a dull note.


On the whole, FAN is quite dark & gritty thriller in the recent times. SRK simply nails his performance but due to its lackluster screen play, dragged out first half and a dull climax makes the film a one time watch. But, do have a check on your expectations.

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Movie Review : Sardaar Gabbar Singh | Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal

Sardaar Gabbar Singh – Strictly for PSPK freaks.

Release Date : 8th April 2016
Director : K.S.Ravindra (Bobby)
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Starring : Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal
Producer : 
Sunil Lulla, Sharrath Marrar

Rating : 2.75/5.0

Story line :

The story revolves around Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) who is a happy go lucky cop . He gets transferred to Ratanpur village which is buried with darkness under the ruling of ruthless king Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar). There he meets the princess of Ratanpur , Arshi Devi (Kajal Aggarwal) and she falls for her. But twist in the plot is that even the princess get threatened from Bhairav Singh . So, how the Gabbar Singh makes his move against the feudal lord and gets back his princess and the village is the rest of the storyline. Quite routine & outdated right ??


  • Pawan Kalyan, he is the biggest asset for the flick. He has put lot of efforts in the making and succeeded in mesmerizing his fans. His power is the only thing which one can witness in each and every  frame.He is an all rounder.
  • First Half, which is neatly blended with right mix of action & comedy sequences and purely consists of fan moments. Interval Bang is good which showcases the revolt against antagonist.
  • KajaL Aggarwal, she is absolutely stunning and a show stealer as well. She has neatly portrayed the character of princess and this gorgeous diva looks more visually pleasing in her royal avatar.
  • Sharad Kelkar, he is solid and played a paisa vasool performance . This man has great future ahead in T’wood.
  • Devi Sri Prasad, BGM scored by him is fantastic and elevates the plot.
  • Production values are quite good and special mention should go to the art director for setting up the Ratanpur set and making it look quite realistic.
Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review by
Still from Sardaar Gabbar Singh


  • Story, which is ages old,outdated script and quite predictable.The plot has got nothing new to offer. Strange thing is that Pawan himself has written the story by keeping fans in his mind. Really ? How did you get a thought that your fans would encourage such an outdated script.?
  • Second half, which is dragged out too much with the penetration of songs & useless comedy sequences. The proceedings are quite predictable and the climax is also wrapped up in an unconvincing manner. After showcasing Sharad Kelkar’s character in such a powerful light during the first half, he is completely sidelined and becomes ineffective towards the end.
  • Screen Play, it is just an average job done by  Pawan. It could be much better if he had handled it to the director.
  • Director, Bobby didn’t get enough scope to handle the film. After watching the whole flick one gets to the conclusion that Pawan, himself is the director as we don’t any mark of Bobby. SAD !!


On the whole , Sardaar Gabbar Singh is such a movie which is not meant for everyone. It entertains you only at few instances and leaves you in a thought that “Why the f**k i’m watching this flick?” It is a complete one man show. Weak storyline , excessive runtime, poor execution, dragged out second half makes it a one time watch.

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