Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham – A routine love saga.

Release Date: 26th May 2017
Kalyan Krishna
Music Director: 
Devi Sri Prasad
Naga Chaitanya, Rakul Preet, Jagapathi Babu.
Nagarjuna Akkineni

Rating – 2.75/5.0

Soggade Chinni Nayana fame Kalyan Krishna is back with another family entertainer. Let’s see how it is.


  • Naga Chaitanya, he delivered a decent performance as the lover boy. Emotions have been carried out pretty well.
  • Rakul Preet, she did a splendid job as an innocent girl. The chemistry between Chay and her also worked out quite well. Her acting skills were utilized to the extreme as she gets an equal amount of screen time as that of Chaitu.
  • Second Half, this is the part where the actual content lies. Proceedings get interesting and even the family emotions take center stage. The screenplay is good and also quite racier.
  • Cinematography, it is top notch. Scenic locales of Vizag were captured stunningly.
  • Dialogues, they are penned decently with enough wit and intensity.
  • BGM, DSP excels once again with his thumping background score and elevates the sequences.
Raa Randoi Veduka Chudham movie review
A still from the movie featuring Naga Chaitanya and Rakul Preet.


  • The storyline, which is quite conventional and outdated. One should be careful while selecting such ages old love tale coz it has nothing new to offer.
  • The first half, which runs with a snail pace and is tedious to watch. As the actual content lies in the second half, the director has forcibly introduced plenty of supporting characters who were completely wasted in their roles and failed to generate fun.
  • Direction, Kalyan Krishna did an Ok job. He failed to entertain the audience during the first half. Selecting such a routine plot is his biggest mistake.
  • Songs, though the tunes are quite soothing and pleasing, the placement of them into the plot was miserable. Songs were introduced coercively and ruin the flow of the flick.


On the whole, Ra Randoi Veduka Chudham is an another routine tale of love with a predictable plot and the tedious first half. If you can digest the regular family emotions and conventional love saga then, give it a shot this weekend.