Dhruva – Riveting Action Drama

Release Date : 09th December 2016
Director : 
Surender Reddy
Music Director :
Hip Hop Tamizha
Starring :
Ram Charan, Rakul Preet, Arvind Swamy
Producer :
Allu Aravind

Rating :- 3.5/5.0


  • Ram Charan, he delivers a solid knock-out performance and astonishes us with his chiseled body. His confrontational scenes with Arvind Swamy are exceptional. Cherry greatly depicts the role of an obsessed cop and shown lot of improvement in terms of acting.
Dhruva HD Latest Still
Ram Charan’s terrific still from the movie.
  • Arvind Swamy, he did a fabulous job as Siddharth Abhimanyu. He is the perfect antagonist for this plot and equally confronted protagonist with his mind-blowing strategies. He aces in his role and stood as a most impactful character in the flick.
  • Direction, Surrender Reddy mark can be easily seen in this flick though it is a Tamil remake. He is known for his taking and did it supremely well. Being faithful to the original one, he greatly embedded his own elements into the plot. The concept of “Ashta Digbandhanam” (8 Ways of Dead Lock) is fantastic and becomes the main theme of the content.
Ram Charan Dhruva Latest Stills
Poster featuring Ram Charan and Arvind Swamy
  • Music, Hip Hop Tamizha is the future star of T’wood.His background score greatly compliments the film’s tempo. Every scene in this flick gets elevated with his thumping sound track, even the songs are exceptionally good.
  • The Script, which is quite racy with its arresting and gripping episodes. Right from the word go, it feels like you are on a roller coaster and makes you hooked up to the seats. All credit goes to the original writer Mohan Raja who directed the Tamil version of this.
  • Cinematography, which is top notch. All thanks to P.S.Vinod. He did a stunning job and picturized the locales beautifully.
  • Rakul, she elevates the glamor quotient especially during the songs and played the role of a girl who is obsessed with Dhruva.
Dhruva movie Ram Charan Rakul 2016
A Still from Pareshanura Song in Dhruva.


  • Screenplay, it is taut enough to make you glued to the seats, but this pace stays only for the first half. Once it reaches second half it gets pauses in the form of songs which disturbs the flow. Though songs are good to listen, they are not needed for such a script-centric film.
  • No Fun, this film is not for those buffs who expect good dosage of entertainment. The entire film runs on a serious note.


Finally, Dhruva is a script-driven film which has all the needed commercial elements to fulfill the audience needs. Ram Charan is back with a bangg and delivers a riveting performance. Surender Reddy did a good job with his adaptation and an engaging screenplay. Go, watch it this Weekend. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.