Kabali – Old wine in a Brand New Bottle

Release Date : 22nd JULY 2016
Director : P.A.Ranjith
Music Director :
Santhosh Narayanan
Starring : Rajnikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhansika
Producer : 
Kalaipuli S. Thanu 

Rating :- 2.75/5.0 


  • One and Only Super Star of India, Sri Rajnikanth Sir is the biggest asset to the flick, his charisma is simply amazing and adds incredible style to each and every frame. Age doesn’t matter him  and he still carries that S.W.A.G with ease .He is magnificent in the role of Gangster and carries the whole film on his shoulders. He is the real Savior. He excelled in both the roles as a Vintage and Modern gangster.
  • Background Score, absolutely brilliant. Kudos ! to the music director Santhosh Narayanan for his amazing work. BGM adds the richness to all the frames.
  • Intro Scene, GOOSEBUMPS !! That BGM when Rajni arrives from the Entrance gate is incredible and a treat for Thalaivar fans.
  • Production Values, they are top notch and elevates the richness of the flick. The movie looks grandeur.
  • Sai Dhansika, she scores big time in the movie and her attitude and stylish acting deserve lot of applause.

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  • Story, nothing new to offer and a common plot seen in almost all the gangster movies. No enthralling moments which leaves in disappointment.
  • Direction & Screen play, Not at all engaging. Gets lost somewhere trying to find common ground. Few scenes are cliched and doesn’t follow the flow .
  • Climax, dragged out hugely and not at all convincing due to the presence of mistakes at the time of making which can be clearly spotted out by a regular audience.


On the whole, Kabali is neither a Thalaiva film mor a Ranjith film. A fairish gangster movie with top notch performances  from lead cast and a poor narration with anemic storyline makes the movie an Average affair. If u don’t mind all those cons and want to enjoy Rajni’s Swag then DON’T MISS IT, give it a shot this weekend.